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Beechworth Bakery

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Nothing says welcome quite like the smell of freshly baked goods mingling with the aroma of great coffee and warm smiles to greet you… especially in these turbulent times.

Baked fresh using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, Beechworth Bakery’s huge range of hand-made products is still available every day.

“We like to keep it real and simple!” says Leanne Harris, the manager in Bright. 

“Yes, these are challenging times for absolutely everyone, but we believe in providing the best service possible under any circumstances.”

All products are available every day for takeaway, and the bakery even offers Click & Collect service.


Simply head to their website at, order what you like and then pick it up at whatever time suits you.


You can even have your order delivered out to your car; simply give them a call on 1300 233 784 ext 8 when you arrive.

“We’ve adapted our range and our service to suit current needs, which means we are now also offering flour, sugar and yeast in addition to our freshly baked breads, pies, cakes, sandwiches, rolls and, of course, our delicious barista-made coffee.

“Making all our products in the traditional way means a lot of hard work, but we believe it’s worth it because you can taste the difference.”

In addition to their hot pies, they also offer the same variety of pies in handy heat-at-home packs of 4, that can also be frozen. 

One of the signature products for which the bakery is best known is the Ned Kelly pie, a hearty meat pie topped with bacon, cheese and a whole egg. 

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