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Hand made and

crafted products

Fair trade baskets, beads hats and yoga and plates pants made and designed by Celia Gregory.

The Bolga baskets come directly from the villages in Ghana. They are hand made and hand dyed. The baskets are in a lot of cases the u my form of income for  these people. 


Now with the virus, a lot have been out of work for weaving these baskets thus in turn will mean a serious means of income.


One of my guys has bought a ton of wheat hoping that this will help out during this crises.  

The pants are made and designed solely by Celia Gregory. Some of the material is copied from the African wax material onto stretch.

These are high waisted and easy to wash and dry.  The come in 4 sizes from. XS to large... the large being an easy 16.


Phone: 0428 322 271


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