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Wahrina Pistachios

We are a family owned and operated farm in Wahring, near Nagambie, just 90 minutes from Melbourne in the

Goulburn Valley. Our family has farmed this land for over a century, mainly grazing sheep and cattle.


Several factors, including drought conditions, forced us to consider new ideas and that was when we came up with the idea of growing pistachios. Since they use little water and need less land than many crops, we couldn't resist.

We have almost 2000 pistachio trees and love growing a fresh, healthy product with a relatively low environmental impact.

Our mission is to produce the best quality nuts with minimal processing, in order to retain as much inherent goodness and flavour as possible.

Our harvest usually occurs in March and we sun-dry the nuts in the traditional way if possible.

We prefer to sell our pistachios unsalted and unroasted as they are healthier and you can taste the natural flavour we preserve with our slow drying methods.

We do have lightly salted nuts available for those who prefer them this way.

We use pink lake salt sourced locally from Mount Zero Olives in the Grampians Region.

We believe this compliments the taste of our pistachios perfectly.

Our prices are:

150 g $ 5.00

200 g $8.00

350 g $13.00

We have both salted and unsalted, customer to specify which they would like.

120 g bag kernels $10.00 (unsalted only)

Shipping costs $10.00 for orders up to $40.00 then it is free.

Contact us via email:

or via messenger on our facebook page Wahrina Pistachios

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